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We are an experienced team of e-commerce growth experts, who are committed to solving problems that are related to different challenges in e-commerce- and retail – ecosystems. The team has earned its stripes through years of experience at the coal face; as marketers, entrepreneurs, and investors in the industry. During those years, we have launched new services globally, propelled underperforming websites to the top of search rankings, selected vendors for improved e-commerce experiences (or built new ones for our clients), and grown businesses from nothing to multi-million euro enterprises.

We wanted to start Tribetail as we had a great desire to improve our customers’ businesses. We knew that by getting together we could make our clients perform even better since two heads are better than one. This is how our tribe got started and that is our path. We cherish the entrepreneurial mindset and continue doing what we have always done– but together as a team. Team Tribetail is creative, communicative and highly motivated to succeed.

The Tribetail ideology

The most common failures with eCommerce project can be attributed to one or more of the following factors
Technical specification

Wrong technical specification; where a specification doesn’t take into account all the technical elements that are already in place in the customers’ ecosystem (ERP, CRM, POS, marketing activities, measurement needs, reporting need, sourcing systems and processes)


Wrongly built concept; where a concept doesn’t recognize the real factors for possible success in e-commerce (logistics, product pricing, competition, drop-shipping and many other similar things).

Business targets

Wrongly set business targets; retailers are usually happy when their conversion rate is high and want it to be even higher– this often leads to optimization of only the bottom end of the funnel.

We are strong believers in the ongoing development of internal and external processes. Most obstacles are quite easy to work around, but sometimes processes within a company are so tangled, that you need someone to fix and even recognize the problematic areas where you could get more revenue. 

We believe in direct and open communication, sometimes it can be a bit painful, but as soon as you can see your revenue growing you will be eager to learn more from us. At the same time, we know that a big part of the wisdom is already within your organization, so we help you to utilize your existing wisdom and support your organization to build internal self-esteem and help you to succeed with your own business.


of the

Tribetail team

Excellence as an attitude

When we work with our customers, we always strive to do the work as well as possible. Because of our background as entrepreneurs, we know what to expect from valued business partners. This is why we always offer honest opinions, communicate openly and work hard toward your goals.

Trust + Honesty = Long lasting relationship

We build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers and drive our customers to do the same with theirs. Growth often demands understanding. Understanding grows and gets stronger as time goes on. 

Personalized Customer experience

You won’t find any ready-made packages of services from us. That’s because we always personalize our services to our customers’ needs. You tailor everything you do and so do we. We are not here to please everyone– but those that come along stay.

Transparent information sharing

None of our knowledge or practices are rocket science. We always work openly towards the goals that have been defined together with our customers. When a client is interested in learning how we achieve the results we do, we are more than happy to share our experiences. We offer education and support.

Find your audience. Love them.

We trust that our vibe attracts similarly minded people to our tribe. If you feel like we could be a perfect fit for you and your company, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open to suggestions, collaboration, and partnerships.

The team

Iina Lehtonen

Growth Specialist ···


Mirjami Petro-Uotila

Growth Specialist ···
Sourcing & Suppliers


Anna Takala

Growth Specialist ···


Satu Bergmann

Growth Specialist ···
Social Media & Content


Petteri Erkintalo

Founder & CEO & Principal Consultant