Boosting B2B marketing with HubSpot

Business-oriented consulting, training, and mentoring

Our core competence in marketing automation focuses on the business-oriented development of HubSpot usage and management. We strive to achieve measurable value by focusing on the essentials and avoiding meaningless over-optimization. We aim to help companies build comprehensible and relevant content, improve sales and marketing cooperation, and enhance lead generation.

Development of content related to the product and services

Content related to products and services are often the biggest stumbling block in marketing for B2B companies. The content is often very generic, and their benefit to the customer is weak.

With the help of a targeted content strategy, we solve the shortcomings of content related to products and services in a prioritized manner. We focus on developing content that covers the needs of your target group and features of the service.

We carefully analyze needs, expectations, and challenges within your target group. Based on this, we create a content strategy through which customers clearly understand the benefit and value of your service. High-quality product content improves the quality of leads and helps you stand out from the competition.

We use marketing automation for both content creation and distribution. With the help of automation, we can personalize the content according to the customer’s needs and interests. The right tools also facilitate content production and its maintenance.

Building common operating models for sales and marketing

Seamless cooperation between sales and marketing is a standard requirement for successful customer acquisition. To do this, a structured and efficient operating model is needed, which creates a common direction and goals for daily work.

We help define common goals and metrics for sales and marketing. This way, we create a unified vision of what it takes to reach your goals. At the same time, we outline and plan straightforward processes related to market automation usage. 

With our HubSpot training, we make sure that everyone understands its benefits and how to use it correctly. Consequently, we connect marketing automation efforts to daily sales and marketing operations focused on reaching your goals.

Improving lead generation

Developing online lead generation is a process that requires time and patience. If you only aim for quick wins, the results will often be poor. That’s why it’s worth investing in the long-term development of lead generation capabilities.

Building lead generation capabilities requires constant optimization, testing, and monitoring. Investing in understanding the target group and the quality of the content improves both the quality of leads and increases their number.

HubSpot offers excellent tools to implement lead generation, but no system will produce results automatically. Whenever you develop, plan, or build automation, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness and value of the system.

Along with the development of lead generation, it often makes sense to use direct prospecting, especially when targeting companies belonging to a particular target group and their key personnel. In this case, the quality of the content is vital because you can only make a good first impression once.

Full utilization of own marketing register

Utilizing your marketing register is one of the most important uses of marketing automation. Often, acquired contacts and leads are not utilized to their full potential because they are treated as disposable.

The solution to utilizing your marketing register is a content strategy, which helps build a long-term relationship with a potential customer. The aim is to keep the marketing register active and committed to your company long before the actual purchase decision. To achieve this, it is crucial to focus on constant communication, engaging content, and personalized offers.

By using marketing automation, you can monitor and analyze behaviors, interests, and interactions related to your marketing register. Marketing automation also helps to make sales processes more efficient, such as lead tracking and scoring.

Our HubSpot expertise

We specialize in business-oriented development through the use of HubSpot. We understand that using HubSpot is not a valuable asset alone. By using it correctly, the company will achieve greater success in achieving its business goals.

We focus on what is essential and avoid over-optimization in matters that do not have a clear business significance. We build efficient, effective, and functional solutions that produce measurable value for your company.

We analyze your business processes, goals, and needs to understand how HubSpot can best support your business. Based on this, we design and implement a development plan for using HubSpot in the future.

We also provide training and master user mentoring so that members of your organization can take full advantage of HubSpot’s features. This way, we ensure your organization gets the most out of HubSpot.

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