Are you looking for references? Sorry to tell you but you cannot find any companies’ logos here or fancy statements on how we have grown our customer’s sales by xxx % from year to year. You won’t find excellently written articles where we take all the credit for a customers’ growth – and you will certainly NOT find how we have done it.

Keep reading to learn why. 👇

Customer’s privacy

We are a strike force, that our customers use to boost their businesses. We are the enabler for taking your company to the next level. Our previous customers do not want to tell their competitors how we beat them. We are quite sure that you do not want us to tell your growth story and methods in public either.

We take our customers’ privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. Our team is very aware that your business secrets are the most valuable thing your company has. We will keep those secrets safe. Now and forever.

No specific industry

We do not want to be profiled to any specific industry. During the years we have worked in almost any possible industry you can imagine. We have experience in the manufacturing industry, distribution, wholesale, e-commerce (especially in e-commerce), retail, service sector, foundations, and many others. 

We have the right experience, and we have the right mindset. We will face the challenges together with you regardless of your industry. We understand whole concepts and we can offer solutions that take every sector of your business into consideration.

This is what we are willing to say

  • We believe that every business is unique, even if they work in the same industry
  • We cannot, and we will not offer you the same solutions that we have offered to others – it will not work
  • We offer you solutions that will boost your business and solve your problems and challenges
  • We will find any possible way to hack your growth with a reasonable pricing model (and with a no-bullshit attitude)

Mutual trust

Tribetail may be young but our team of experts has decades of experience in different fields. Most of us have been working as entrepreneurs in addition to employees, so we’ll understand your challenges from multiple points of view. We know that you are looking for a reliable partner– and so are we. Together we can build customized solutions for your business challenges and goals. Our experts, as well as practices, are always selected to your needs and situation. This way, we can achieve the best results and you get both qualitative added value and cost efficiency from cooperating with us.

We value mutual trust between our team and your team. We will give you the solutions and keys to success and we trust that you will take your business to massive growth with us. You can trust that we will not give any references or share information about your company with third parties. If, and especially when, you find cooperating with us revolutionary, you can recommend us yourself to your business partners that you think might need our help.

P.S. Yep, we can give you references, and you can call some of our customers to ask about us – but we must trust you first 😊 Let’s cut the bullshit and get things done.