Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is not technical rocket science. It’s a combination of information architecture and relevant and correctly written content.

Our approach is mainly guiding your team, and creating relevant and top-performing content for your site. We also focus on site speed and the possibilities of getting your site performing better with a common-sense approach.

Pitfalls of

UI / UX design

Sometimes we discover that some parts of your site are not performing well due to bad UI / UX design. We can fix most platform-related issues with a hands-on approach or guide either your team or your vendor to fix things.

Tactical resources


We know how to create excellent performance marketing (read: tactical Google Ads or other similar traffic sources such as price comparison sites). We guarantee that we can make your advertising convert better and in a more relevant way. Frequently we find that account structure is the key to better performance, and sometimes we have to ”fix” irrelevant issues caused by people who don’t understand how e-commerce as a process works.

Smart campaigns

Social media

As we all know, the other significant revenue source for e-commerce is social media, but at the same time, you have to be smart with optimizing the channels in different ways. We know how to create SMART campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We can help you in creating revenue & traffic adding methods.

Trusting your indicators

Google tools

Implementation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console. We find that some of these tools are tagged incorrectly in most cases. Consequently, you may trust the wrong indicators in your e-commerce business. Usually, we have to re-implement these tools and in some cases, hotfix some problems related to your site performance.

Vendor management

Technical optimisation

You might think that your webpage has several issues related to your vendor or the “technical platform isn’t good enough”. Usually, this is not the case. These issues stem from insufficient guidance and communication with your technical vendor. You might not be aware of the technical and commercial capabilities of the selected platform, or using it to its fullest potential. From our experience, we know how to manage your vendor relationship and help you build the best e-commerce site possible.